Management System 700/800

hali system 700/800

if you are looking for the extraordinary, hali unlimited is the place for you. hali unlimited means handcrafted furniture with the finest, perfectly finished veneered surfaces. under the brand name hali unlimited, hali produces its 700/800 management program – because hali unlimited also means premium quality. an executive office created by hali purveys values that emanate unchallenged authority: understatement, style and dynamism.

the captivating character of the system 700/800 furniture line is immediately noticeable thanks to clean lines, attention to detail, trendsetting innovations, generous interior design, and consistent pursuit of excellence. every day hali keeps its promise of turning just any room into a space for new ideas, and converting a space for new ideas into a space for successful management.

hali system 700/800 does not appeal to everybody, but it does appeal to people looking for something special.

s700 management program

s800 management program


leaflet hali system 700/800

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