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hali wall design – prewall 50

the prewall 50 is a horizontally oriented and individually customisable curtain wall that is installed on existing walls on-site. it was designed to enhance entrance and reception areas, for adding organisational functionality to office spaces, for the back offices, for conference rooms, as a cafeteria/canteen element, and as a wall element for information areas and waiting areas. the advantage of the prewall 50 lies in its third dimension – the depth, where each curtain wall is built according to the principle of a horizontal and vertical structure. the third dimension makes it possible to adapt the prewall 50 to the required function and equip it with the necessary elements. these can include acoustic panels, pinboard elements, whiteboard and mirror panels, melamine or glass shelves, magazine racks, meeting-point or table elements, organisation rails, flat screens and even coat racks with hanging rails and shoe compartments.

prewall 50

the new hali prewall 50 can be equipped with led-tapes for an impressive indirect light effect. moreover prewall 50 can be vested with an audio system (bluetooth). the double frame dock provides power and internet connection. because of the thickness of the wall (50 mm) electric objects can be installed.


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