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hali cable management

many lines converge in offices. and of all things, it’s the things that you do not see, or that you want to be invisible, that must work perfectly – just like your cable management. always accessible and yet completely unobtrusive, cable management systems from hali can be combined with all office solutions. perfectly organised and invisibly integrated into modern office environments, they ensure that you always have a connection near where you are – without any cable clutter.

configurable connection strips for all media connections, such as usb, lan, phone and of course power sockets guarantee ideal workstations, even when employees are constantly changing places and especially in desktop sharing. hali of course also offers you the latest mobile phone charging technology in the form of visible (square80 by evoline) and invisible qi chargers (qi charger by evoline).

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the closed backflip is a thin plate at your workstation and barely visible. in case of a knocked over water glass no liquid can penetrate the electric system. touched with one finger the backflip turns 180° and presents its features.

charger qi

qi-able devices can be charged without cables or any other equipment. the installation is “invisible” underneath the table or workstation. the to be charged device has to be put on the fitting field on your workstation – purely minimalistic.


the dock is floating one hand’s breadth above the table and creates a lot of free space. optionally it is mounted on brackets or stainless steel bases. the free configurable docking station can be equipped with all our modules.


express enables a modular power supply – from the amount of sockets to the installation of international protection/backup modules and divers special switches. other colours are feasible.

fliptop push

the fliptop push is an elegant installation for all areas, which have to be provided with power, data or multimedia. the interchangable modules for data or multimedia create a near unlimited flexibility.

  • opens at the touch of a button
  • exchangeable modules 
  • easy and fast installation with assembly wedges (10 – 50mm table plate thickness)
  • the installation of evoline wirelane is possible, to directly led the cables to the floor 
  • new cable outlet
  • great feel of the cover (5 mm thick)
  • inner life of the fliptop push is completely black
  • nearly all multimedia modules are flush-mount manufactured


framedock ends with horizontal and vertical surfaces – table plates, walls or a side of another hali furntiture.  Through the small installation depth and easy installation the framedock is fitted everywhere – decent, high quality and individually creatable.


port makes cables and sockets disappear. normally only the cuff and the cover is visible – optionally illuminated through energy saving led’s in blue, green, red or white. a light pull reveals the high quality aluminium housing. the movable cover creates space for cables. evoline port was honoured with the red dot design award.


cable outlets with a diameter of 80 mm are standards. square80 combines a socket, a usb-charger and a network connection. Moreover square80 offers a qi-version cover with inductive power charging function, for all qi-able smart phones.


the aluminium profile of the u-docks can be installed in many ways on, underneath or in front of the workstation. as a robust basis for a professional power and data connection the u-docks are equipped with protection modules for the safety of employees and machines.


vertical stands freely in the room. stable on one basis of massive cast iron. upright, mobile and space-saving. vertical is the ideal solution for offices and sales areas. the height of 1,20m makes laborious stooping for sockets redundant: power, multimedia or network connection can be reached easily.